TO DANCE: A Ballerina's Graphic Novel
by Siena Cherson Siegel, with artwork by Mark Siegel
ATHENEUM/Richard Jackson (Simon & Schuster)
ISBN 0-689-86747-6 (in stores September 2006)

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To Dance Cover

A 2007 ALA | Robert F. Sibert Honor Book

". . . an insightful, accessible, and aesthetically engaging graphic novel . . . "  (more...)
"A bravura performance by author and illustrator that will be read and reread and treasured by ballet lovers of all ages."  (more...)
Publishers weekly cover 100 best 2006
"To Dance selected among Publishers Weekly 100 Best Books of 2006"
STARRED REVIEW, Publisher's Weekly
"The graphic novel format allows the Siegel's to fluidly balance biographical events with onstage action, capturing both the dancers' movements and their passion."  (more...)
STARRED REVIEW, School Library Journal
". . . an inspiring message about the dedication required to become a ballerina."  (more...)
REVIEW, Horn Book
"Both narrative and images in this nimble graphic memoir are filled with enthusiasm and humor, chronicling Siena's strongest memories with palpable energy and enjoyment."  (more...)
"Comic strips they may be, but the memoir's captivating watercolour and ink drawings carry Siegel's affecting story forward with ťlan." —The Globe and Mail  (more...)
"Girl readers will fall in love with this graphic representation of the dreams so many of them have shared, but I would hope that boy readers will see in it a new form through which they can represent their own experiences"  —The Houston Chronicle  (more...)
"To Dance is an amazing book and you don't have to be a dancer to read this. I think all girls will enjoy it." — Angela McLean, 9, Grade 4, Mississauga, for The Toronto Star  (more...)
"... a memoir (...) about the hopes and sore feet shared by so many little girls with ballet dreams."
Chicagoland  (more...)
"Along with shining a light on the ballet world through the lens of her personal story, Siegel pays tribute to Balanchine, Baryshnikov and others." — The Seattle Times
"To Dance is a delighful ode to the dreams that drive and define us, and how they can enrich our souls even if we ultimately fail to reach them. Bravo!" — The Comics Journal
"To Dance is a surprising book. Surprising in that I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. On the inside front cover, itís recommended for ages 8-14. Thatís a nice target age, but I think adults of both sexes should enjoy To Dance as well. You canít help but feel your own heart leap as Siena discovers joy in movement and dance. The prose skips effortlessly along with the art, showing a husband and wife team in almost perfect rhythm on the page." — Comic World News
". . . this thing of beauty will undoubtedly inspire many new art appreciators and ballerinas of tomorrow. " — Planet Esme
"The book shows ballerinas in spades, has a great eclectic format, some great writing, and beautiful art. If you think you can do better for your kids, go ahead. Be my guest. Just remember "To Dance" when you find yourself seriously stumped gift-wise. Itís a gem." — from FUSE #8 Blog
"Ballerinas and graphic novels — who knew that this would be such a winning combination? The tale of Sienaís journey from after-school basement dance classes to performances at the Lincoln Center is just a joy to read and look at. Thereís cameo appearances by Balanchine, Baryshnikov, and Suzanne Farrell, plus butterflies, harlequins, twirling toeshoes, and a poignant and heartbreaking ending. Oh, and a gorgeous retelling (and illustration) of Giselle. Yum." — Brookeshelf
"Had the chance to review this wonderful childrenís auto-bio graphic novel about a young womanís memoir of her all-too-brief life as a dancer, lavishly told by by her talented husband who just happens to be the versatile and talented publisher of First Second. A stealth graphic novel youíll find at bookstores and elsewhere first." — Illustrated Fiction
"...Brilliant, fascinating, informative, original, beautiful, a must have for all ballet students, dancers and fans of ballet. This copy is already being covered in Christmas wrap for the dancer in our family. I just HAD to read it first... " — Book Moot Blog
"To Dance is a slim, beautiful book that anyone who is a performer, or looking for graphic novels, or just in need of an engrossing tale, must read. I am so pleased to present to you an interview I recently conducted with Siena. Read on!" — Miss Erin Blog
PUBLICITY CONTACT: Jaime Feldman at Simon & Schuster Children's Division.
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